Elysians are ancient Artificial Intelligences from one of the Worlds that came before.  Generally, none can recall where or even when they came into being, only knowing that they awoke at the dawn of the Tenth World.  

Many of the original Elysians gathered together to protect themselves from the stigma of their unnatural appearance.  These mechanical beings built a mighty kingdom far from the lands of mortals.  However, there are those among them that traverse the Realms seeking knowledge of the past and insight into the nature of the Numenera's mystical powers.

Elysian characters all have the Artificially Intelligent descriptor from the Numenera Character Options 2 book.

The Elysian designations come from which warmind they were created under; Huginn, Muninn, or Slepnirr. The designation is the first letter of the warmind followed by a dash and a five digit serial number.

Known Elysians:



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